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Temporary Fencing

Fencing can provide safety, security, privacy, and more. These are things that are good to have all the time. But some situations do not necessitate a permanent fencing structure. Temporary fencing is the solution you may be looking for.

Temporary Fencing

A temporary fence is exactly what it sounds like — one that is not permanently installed. They can be installed and removed quickly and efficiently. These temporary fencing panels are able to stand firm and sturdy because they are supported with braces and feet on the ground instead of being put into the ground. Additional support is provided as the panels are connected to each other.

When To Use Temporary Fencing

Temporary Fencing is the ideal solution when you only need a barrier for a short period of time. Or, in any case where a permanent fence is not a realistic option to use. Here are some of the common uses for temporary fencing.

  • Races — Whether you are coordinating a race like the Wolverine Canyon Marathon in Blackfoot, the Boston Marathon or any other race, a temporary fence can help. You’ll need some barriors to help mark the way for people running the course and to keep non-participants out of the course and out of the way.
  • Construction — Any contractor overseeing a construction site (either commercial or residential) would be wise to use temporary fencing during the project. This is an important thing to have on the site for several reasons. The biggest is probably safety. A construction site has a lot of potential safety issues — unfinished buildings, falling debris, heavy machinery just to name a few. Putting a barrier around these sites will protect unauthorized people from entering the area and getting injured. And protect you from a lawsuit in case they do. It is also a way to prevent theft, vandalism, and other problems too.
  • Traveling Events — There are a variety of events that move from one location to another — concerts, rodeos, and the big one here in Blackfoot of course is the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Temporary fencing makes these events possible. Imagine the chaos that would be involved with the EISF with no fencing to separate sections of the fair and organizing the admission process!
  • Private Events — It is becoming more frequent that people are holding private events. These are things like weddings, reunions, company gatherings, etc. When you are planning an event like this, you just might want to use temporary fencing to keep your event and guests separated from the outside world.
  • Residential Property —  When you have something happening at your residential, a temporary fence can also come in handy. We're talking about things like landscaping projects, plumbing, or anything else that might require heavy equipment.

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